Below you can find official interesting curiosities related to this model and version. Tab "curiosities" has been additionaly expaned by few segments, thanks to that you can find specific information easier. Additionally, unlike the old site, some curiosities may have pictures showcasing it.

* Curiosities for each models have been written from scratch and there are a lot more of them than on old

Below this tab there is another one - a complete work process on this model. This might be actual or archival (depending on information: "Model finished", "Work in progress..."). A table with description of work done was divided into more categories. Thanks to that there is no more chaos like on old, violet Both curiosities and work progress are related to the first model from GTA IV.


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Work progress


> Daewoo Tico SX 1996/1998 - curiosities

Things related to


Changes in content of the final folder compared to the previous models

• It was the first model (in 2012) which included colours for replacement in readme.

Testers and authors of the screenshots

• The testers and the authors of the screenshots were: matizstyle, Valkir.

Things that were planned, but not added

• Model should have an extra brakelight as a random part. The picture on the right side shows information given to Lazlow555 during the work of the model.

Things never planned, but added


Random parts

• Model has random parts.


• Model was co-financed by sponsors.

Mistakes and bugs in model

• Textures are too dark and in low quality,

• Incorrect rear lighting,

• No texture at the back of the rear seats and the rear shelf,

• Incorrect font of the number plate,

• Incorrect rear suspension,

• Incorrect colour of the headlining.

Curiosities related to the working progress of the model

• The work on this model took place from June 23 to July 24, 2012.

• The model was ready in almost 20 days.

Information about number plates

TD on the number plate stands for Tico Daewoo. 46 is an accidental number.

Base model

• It was a base model, but no other version was made based on it.

Differences to other subversion of the simillar model


Original dimensions

• Model was based on original dimensions (3340 x 1395 x 1400 mm).

Parts and textures prepared by darewnoo

• texture of licence plate

Other curiosities

• The model partially cannot be dirty (does not have a dirt map),

• Most of the mistakes and bugs were corrected during conversion of this model for GTA V.


> Daewoo Tico SX 1996/1998 - archival work progress





























Model is ready