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Daewoo Mods for GTA IV


Welcome in the world of Daewoo models for GTA IV and other games such as: GTA V, GTA SA, GTA VC, GTA III, WR2, Racer, SLRR, LFS.


This is the only official page with Daewoo models which are made by Lazlow555 from Ukraine on darewnoo's paid order.

The co-author and the only patron is darewnoo - who at the same time manages and maintains this site.

All texts on this site (also those written in third person) and pictures are entered by darewnoo.


Currently we are working on:

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The newest information:

Daewoo Mantica

Concept 1997



Sprawdź postęp prac

UP: 16-11-2017




After a very long break, a new official conversion has finally been released, the first one for ETS2. It's the Polonez Caro ABC from GTA SA, converted by Azorax Modding. The conversion has a good quality, a lot of features such as working wipers and dials. It also has some options to make it look like standard GSI (on pic) or as the police car.



Month after month - another announced prototype released in May. This time it's Daewoo Matiz Concept 1997, a real prototype, which is nothing like the production Matiz apart from the name and dimensions. Just as Mirae and DMS-1, it is a true copy of the real prototype (from 1997), and it's also the first model with a special option exclusive for visitors - the car can be repaintable.



A month after release of our prototype Daewoo Mirae, a new prototype is waiting for you. This time, it is a small SUV called DMS-1 (Daewoo Mini Suv). Just like Mirae, our DMS-1 is a true copy of the original concept shown in 1999 in Seoul and Frakfurt, it also has 15 unoriginal, but attractive colors. The advantage of this car, compared to our previous model for GTA IV, are 9 random parts (it's record).



As announced back in November last year, we're back into prototypes. And this is the first, kinda jubilee model. Mirae, which is the name of our new model, was released 5 years after our first ever model - Daewoo Leganza US '01. As usual, our new model keeps a very high quality and is a very close copy of the original prototype from 1999. The only thing not original in this model is 14 body colors (+ original silver).



With some delay, our new base model was released – Daewoo Nexia 5D. First Nexia 5D model for GTA and the best one in terms of quality. A couple of days before release, the car was fixed and corrected by darewnoo, so the car is free of mistakes. Of course, Nexia has a realistic handling and uses real body colors (11). It is our first model in which the polycount exceeded 150 000.



Who else if not us? We’re back with the prototypes. We officially open the second (and last) edition of so-called “prototype era”, but this time, we will make much more concepts than before (3 cars were made). At least 8 prototypes are planned for 2017, starting with Mirae (interior on pic), DMS-1, Matiz and d’Arts. Another planned models are DACC-2, No.2, Musiro, Scope, Vada and Kalos Dream. Those are the plans for this year.



With a bit of delay, a final package of Daewoo Nubira was released. This time, you’ll be able to choose from three different wagon versions – PL, US and Delux. Those were gradually published, starting from the PL version at February 2, Delux released the day after and US version released at February 5. The final package was released at February 11. You can download it now.



Those of you who were following the work progress of my new GTA V conversion, knew it would be released very soon. Even though it took many months of hard work, the first Polonez for GTA V was finally finished and released on January 2, 2017. I won’t write here about how innovative this model is, the best thing to do is to see the official video I made. Of course, the conversion of Polonez can be downloaded from here.



Today, darewnoo (the administrator and creator of this website) have completed a total archvization of the new on It is a special website that allows archivization of the websites. The archivization process took several days, but it will allows the website to be available even after many years, when it will no longer be working. Everything has been archivized – the header with screenshots, curiosities for the models, downloads, screenshot galleries with complete work progress and thumbnails (in total – 38068 screenshots and thumbnails), conversions with donwload and screenshots, GTA V conversion progress, all addons, FAQ, contacts and the graphical theme of the site. It is also worth to mentions that all new content will be continously updated.



After a long break, a new conversion for World Racing 2 has been released. This time, it was Espero in both versions of course – CD and GLX. Both have original colours, realistic handling and a detailied damage system. As usual, the conversion was made by baartlomiej. You can download the cars right now.



Three years after finishing Lanos hatchbacks, the sedan has finally been added to the base with yet another three versions. Compared to the hatchbacks, the model has been corrected and improved, and also got refreshed colours (available in the colours app). The S PL and SX US has been made by darewnoo based on the hatchback and the new base sedan SX PL. You can download the new cars as a package or separately from the list of all released models.



On September 10, 2016, a new conversion for SLRR has been released – Polonez Bella hearse. The conversion is in good quality and has a lot of additional tuning parts. You can download it by finding it in "converts" section.



On September 3, 2016, a new base model has been released – Daewoo Chairman Cm600s. As always, the model has an own handling and very realistic colours. Also, it is the first model which has been corrected by darewnoo prior to release, so the quality is even better. To this time, it is our most detailed model. You can download it by finding it in "GTA IV" models tab.



The first official conversion for Racer CG. At July 23, 2016, Nubira II S sedan 2000 has been released for Racer CG. There is a possibility to open all doors, bonnet and boot, and it also has working indicators. High quality and dedicated colours – as standard.



Between 20.06 and 22.06 a few of my trusted testers have recieved an opportunity to test and get familiar with a new layout of this site to make sure that the new site works properly. At 21.06 I checked if the site works properly on different PC's and browsers: Chrome, Opera 37 and 18, Mozilla, Explorer 11, 10 i 8. Only the outdated IE 8 doesn't work properly.



Today celebrated its 4th birthday! Exactly 15 days after this event an entirely new version of this site appeared.


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