Below, you will find a complete collection of all “mods.darewnoo” magazines. It is a fictional, virtual informational magazine created by darewnoo, only for use in GTA IV and V. Every new issue is placed in the boot of the newly released model or conversion. First issue was made in October 2015 and it replaced the old fictional brochure presenting our models. Two first issues were translated to english, every next one was made in polish language only.

It is intented to be a monthly magazine, but it’s not released every month. As previosuly mentioned, the magazine is used in every new model or conversion, so if there is no model made during the month, the new issue will not be released. Depending on the requirements, each issue is a cover only, or a cover with 4, 6 or 10 pages. Previously, all issues could be viewed on Facebook only, the collection on the website was added in February 2017.

In May 2019, the magazine menu has been slightly changed, and also a different technology for reading the magazines online has been implemented - before, it was a small flash applet, now it's fullscreen HTML5, which makes reading more comfortable. This change also adds possibility to read or download a magazine in PDF format [now only available for August 2018 issue]. Below each issue, three buttons have been added:

- by clicking this button, an enlarged image of the issue's cover will be displayed in 768x1024 resolution.

- by clicking this button, you'll be able to read through the issue directly in your browser. There are 4 different ways to turn over  pages - buttons, slider on the page bottom, by dragging the mouse over the page's edge, or by using arrow key on your keyboard.

- by clicking this button, you'll be able to read (and download) the whole issue in PDF format. A big advantage of this option is that it  allows you to select and copy a specific text (as it's not pasted into an image). It's a new function added in May 2019.

Last update: 2-07-2021

> Collection of the all fictional mods.darewnoo magazines (2015-2019 + one special in 2021)

Oct. 2015, Nr 1 (1), cover, ENG
Nov. 2015, Nr 2 (2), pages: 6, PL/ENG
Dec. 2015, Nr 3 (3), pages: 6, PL
Feb. 2016, Nr 2 (5), cover, PL
May 2016, Nr 5 (8), cover, PL
Aug. 2016, Nr 8 (11), cover, PL
Sep. 2016, Nr 9 (12), cover, PL
Dec. 2016, Nr 12 (15), pages: 10, PL
Jan. 2017, Nr 1 (16), cover, PL
Feb. 2017, Nr 2 (17), cover, PL
Mar. 2017, Nr 3 (18), pages: 16, PL, special
Apr. 2017, Nr 4 (19), cover, PL
May 2017, Nr 5 (20), pages: 10, PL
Dec. 2017, Nr 12 (27), pages: 22, PL
Mar. 2018, Nr 3 (30), cover, PL
Apr. 2018, Nr 4 (31), cover, PL
Aug. 2018, Nr 8 (35), pages: 20, PL
May 2019, Nr 5 (44), pages: 32, PL
Jun. 2019, Nr 6 (45), pages: 32, PL
Aug. 2019, Nr 8 (47), pages: 38, PL
Oct. 2019, Nr 10 (49), pages: 38, PL
Jun. 2021, special (130 pages!), PL, last issue


> Archival, virtual brochure "mods.darewnoo"

Archival brochure from 2014, pages: 82, PL/ENG