Below you can find official interesting curiosities related to this model and version. Tab "curiosities" has been additionaly expaned by few segments, thanks to that you can find specific information easier. Additionally, unlike the old site, some curiosities may have pictures showcasing it.

* Curiosities for each models have been written from scratch and there are a lot more of them than on old

Below this tab there is another one - a complete work process on this model. This might be actual or archival (depending on information: "Model finished", "Work in progress..."). A table with description of work done was divided into more categories. Thanks to that there is no more chaos like on old, violet Both curiosities and work progress are related to the first model from GTA IV.


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Work progress


> Daewoo-FSO Polonez Caro Fire 1997 - curiosities

Things related to

• This model was only released in a pack (available as a separate download only on this website).

Changes in content of the final folder compared to the previous models


Testers and authors of the screenshots

• The testers and the authors of the screenshots were: Valkir, Marks.

Things that were planned, but not added

• The upholstery was supposed to be a bit brighter,

• The stickers on the side of the car should be reflective, but are not due to technical reasons.

Things never planned, but added


Random parts

• Model does not have any random parts.


• This model was made for free, since this is the police version with replaced textures.

Mistakes and bugs in model

• Low quality steering wheel texture,

• Holes in the rear seats,

• Too rectangular bumpers,

• Velour upholstery of the rear seats is shining,

• Air conditioning outlets are white,

• Too flat windshield,

• Gear lever texture incorrectly mapped.

Curiosities related to the working progress of the model

• Lazlow555 did not have any influence on this model, since this is Polonez Caro Plus police with different textures.

Information about number plates

• The number plate is fictional and has no reference to our models.

Base model


Differences to other subversion of the simillar model


Original dimensions

• Model was based on original dimensions (4369 x 1420 x 1650 mm).

Parts and textures prepared by darewnoo

• number plate and the yellow windshield sticker as well as the whole body paintwork

Other curiosities

• The final textures were later corrected by me (darewnoo).

• It is the first Caro Plus police car for GTA, as well as the first 3D model of it publicly available.

• It was a bonus model.


> Daewoo-FSO Polonez Caro Fire 1997 - archival work progress

In this model small changes were enough, so Fire version doesn't have work progress included.

You can see archival work progress for base Polonez Police here: PROGRESS


Model finished