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Work progress


> Daewoo Nubira II Wagon PL 2000 - curiosities

Things related to

• It is our next model to feature a mods.darewnoo magazine as an Easter egg (No. 16, January)

Changes in content of the final folder compared to the previous models


Testers and authors of the screenshots

• The tester and the author of the screenshots was darewnoo.

Things that were planned, but not added


Things never planned, but added

• The model was not supposed to have the air conditioning, and the frame on the dashboard was supposed to be black, instead of silver. This was changed just before the model was finished.

Random partse

• Model has random parts.


• Model was not co-financed by sponsors, it was fully paid by creator of

Mistakes and bugs in model

• Low quality texture of the upholstery.

Curiosities related to the working progress of the model

• This was a finished model that was not released for the longest time, also beating the inglorious record of Nubira Spagon ’98, which was released a year after it was finished. This particular version was theoretically finished in October 2015, but not released before February 2017, although it is counted as a model made in 2016. This delay can easily be explained though. After Nubira II Wagon PL, two other versions were planned (US and Delux), which were supposed to be made right after PL and released together in a package. However, those were suspended due to the work on the other models, such as Musso and Chairman. In that case, the car was basically forgotten for 15 months. The missing versions were finally finished in October 2016, but due to other priorities (Polonez for GTA V, testing of Nexia), they were not ready for release before February 2017.

Information about number plates

CW on the number plate stands for Cdx Wagon. 82 is an accidental number.

Base model


Differences to other subversion of the simillar model


Original dimensions

• Model was based on original dimensions (4550 x 1470 x 1720 mm).

Parts and textures prepared by darewnoo

• Added 3D parts – two-sided bumpers, interior grab handles, seat belts, magazines, fuel cap, passengers airbag,

• Textures – stickers behind front doors, carpets, numberplates.

Other curiosities

• The texture under the bonnet is from Chairman, and it actually was never used in the base sedan model made back in 2015.


• The hubcaps are from Nubira II S sedan PL, made in 2015.


• Untill the final textures were prepared, the upholstery was in disasterous quality, which can be seen on the progress screenshots (for sedan version).


• The inscriptions on the rear window were previously used in Lanos 3d PL ‘97.


• The sunvisors are from Leganza US, but have different stickers.


• The engine and textures in this model are from Leganza.


• The random boxes in the boot were previously used in Lublin 3.


• The steering wheel with its texture is taken straight out of Tacuma.


• The random spare wheel in boot is from Nubira I.


• Before the final corrections were made, the badges were unaturally big.


• Untill the end, the model did not have a fuel cap and the passengers airbag.


• The rim texture (behind the hubcap) was taken from Lanos 3D PL.


• This version was corrected twice (by both authors) from October 2015 (theoretical finish date) – first, Lazlow made some corrections in October 2016, when he removed things such as incorrect clock from Nubira I, and added the hood insulator. Then, the model was corrected by darewnoo (he added fuel cap and passengers airbag, he also fixed some textures and other bugs), and the model could be released after that.


• The brochure 3D model is downloaded from a website with free 3D models.


• It was the next model which was edited by darewnoo after the model was finished. Due to that, some errors were fixed and new features were added.


• The curiosities for this model were never available on old (2012-2016).


> Daewoo Nubira II Wagon PL 2000 - archival work progress

In this model small changes were enough, so Nubira II Wagon PL 2000 doesn't have work progress included.

You can see archival work progress for base Nubira II sedan PL 2000 here: PROGRESS


Model finished