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Below this tab there is another one - a complete work process on this model. This might be actual or archival (depending on information: "Model finished", "Work in progress..."). A table with description of work done was divided into more categories. Both curiosities and work progress are related to the first model from GTA IV.


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> Daewoo Nexia 5d GTX 1996 - curiosities

Things related to

• It is our next model to feature a mods.darewnoo magazine as an Easter egg (No. 17, February).

Changes in content of the final folder compared to the previous models


Testers and authors of the screenshots

• The tester and the author of the screenshots was darewnoo.

Things that were planned, but not added


Things never planned, but added

• Boot struts.

Random parts

• Model has one random part.


• Model was not co-financed by sponsors, it was fully paid by creator of

Mistakes and bugs in model

• Slightly disturbed shape of the door handles.

Curiosities related to the working progress of the model

• The work on this model took place from November 12, 2016 to February 23, 2017 (with the break).

• The work progress stretched through a long time (November to February), because in the same time, darewnoo was testing an extremely detailed Polonez conversion for GTA V, so the testing of Nexia were delayed and had breaks. Due to that, some of the testing was not carried out at all, and the whole work progress from December was not archivized on the website. The first test mentioned on the website was done a day after Polonez was released for GTA V.

Information about number plates

AN on the number plate stands for NexiA. 91 is an accidental number.

Base model

• It was a base model, but no other version was made based on it.

Differences to other subversion of the simillar model


Original dimensions

• Model was based on original dimensions (4256 x 1393 x 1662 mm).

Parts and textures prepared by darewnoo

• 3D parts – two sided bumpers, seat belts, boot struts.

• Textures – interior lighting, numberplate, upholstery, texture behind the tailights, retextured door panels.

Other curiosities

• It is one of the few models made after 2014 which does not have markings on the windows.

• It is our next model with a realistic interior lighting made by darewnoo. The previous models did not have any interior lighting or it was very simplyfied.

• The brochure 3D model is downloaded from a website with free 3D models.

• Many of the parts and textures were taken out from our older model – Espero GLX, made in 2014. The parts shared with this car are the engine, wheels, steering wheel, radio and textures for the switches.

• During the work on the model, the texture for the blue upholstery was a modified floor texture used in Polonez, Lanos and Nubira. At the end, darewnoo prepared a new texture, which is a mixup of several upholsteries from Polonez (see first pic).

• The model was intended to be less detailed than Chairman.

• It is the first Nexia 5d made for GTA, as well as the first 3D model of it publicly available.

• The polycount exceeding 160 000 is extreme compared to our previous models, including Tacuma (135 000), Chairman (122 000) and Musso (105 000).

• A real problem was finding a proper hatchback blueprint or picture of the car’s side. The reference picture was prepared by darewnoo and included an original Nexia sedan blueprint and a photo of hatchback’s side (see second pic).

• During the work, the model was replacing Solair. Just before it’s release, the replacement model was changed to Chavos. Also, during the work, the car had the handling from Nubira II (that’s why the car had a lowered suspesion).

• Because darewnoo was busy with Polonez conversion for GTA V, Lazlow got only 46 photos of the car to work with. For comparison – he had 221 reference pictures for Espero and 166 pictures for Chairman.

• In theory, the model was finished at the end of January, but in fact, it wasn’t ready before the end of February. During that time, three fixes were made. The first fix, a couple of days after finishing, was made by lazlow, where he corrected the door panels, two other fixes were made by darewnoo. In the first fix, most of the corrections were made and included textures for the switches on the dashboard, clock, carpets and the inside part of the taillights. The interior color was also corrected from a very unrealistic light grey into dark tones of a grey-blue color. The fix also included a new upholstery texture, two sided bumpers, boot struts, a realistic interior lighting and better texture for the tailights. Also some holes in the chassis, grill and  interior were fixed. This can be seen in a progress report from February 18. A second fix was made several days after and added a strip on the windshield, fixed speedometer texture, fixed exhaust pipe, and new windshield wipers. Also, a glitch in the bumper was fixed. After all those corrections, the model could be released.

• It is our next model with fully working indicator lights on the dashboard.

• The final textures were later corrected by me (darewnoo).

• The curiosities for this model were never available on old (2012-2016).


> Daewoo Nexia 5d GTX 1996 - archival work progress























Model finished