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> Daewoo DMS-1 Concept 1999 - curiosities

Things related to

• It is our next model to feature a mods.darewnoo magazine as an Easter egg (No. 19, April).

Changes in content of the final folder compared to the previous models


Testers and authors of the screenshots

• The tester and the author of the screenshots was darewnoo.

Things that were planned, but not added


Things never planned, but added

• 3D foglights, seatbelt buckles, random screens on the centrer console display, carpets.

Random parts

• Despite it’s a prototype, it does have some random parts, but compatible with the original (random numberplates and roof overlay). The only exception are the Liberty City number plates, added especially for the game.

• The car has 9 random parts (see pic), of which the most are about the center cosole display.


• Model was not co-financed by sponsors, it was fully paid by creator of

Mistakes and bugs in model


Curiosities related to the working progress of the model

• Just like the previous model (Mirae), DMS-1 was also finished much earlier than announced in the work progress. The work on the model started on January 10, 2017 (not April 2), and the work was finished on February 7. The car was later corrected by darewnoo in March 2017. Just like with Mirae, the car could be discovered way before it’s release – in February, darewnoo published a screenshot showing Mirae and DMS-1 together. Where? As the backcover in mods.darewnoo magazine issue from January, placed in boot of Nubira II Wagon PL, Delux and US. It is perfectly visible by examining the textures (see pic). So why the dates on the website are much later than real? Too keep the chronology of the model, and to surprise you a little :D The timeline on the right helps explaining the situation, where on the top you see the announced work time (as on the website), while on the bottom you can see the real work time.

• The work on this model started a day after Lazlow finished work on Nexia.


Information about number plates


Base model

• It was a base model, but no other version was made based on it.

Differences to other subversion of the simillar model


Original dimensions

• Model was based on original dimensions (3495 x 1580 x 1495 mm).

Parts and textures prepared by darewnoo

• Brakelight texture, screens for the centre console display.

Other curiosities

• The bumpers are not separated from the model.


• The model has a fully working lighting, just as the real prototype.


• The engine model in this car is taken from our old Matiz ’98, made back in 2012, although the 3D shape of the engine was slightly modified and rebuilt by more details. According to the manufacturer, the real prototype had excactly this engine, with the power output increased to 65 HP.


• The model was based on 45 exterior photos and only 4 photos of the interior.


• Making this car was quite of a challenge, because no perfect pictures of the front, nor the rear did exist (those are a requirement for every 3D vehicle model), we only had one picture showing the side of the car. Luckily, on some of the pictures found in the internet, a blueprint of the car was visible pinned to the wall, so we could use the rear of the car as a reference, while the front got an assumed shape, more or less accurate.


• A small conflict escalated between Lazlow and darewnoo whether there should be a hole under the metal bar in the interior or not. There was a hole there in reality and we did that in our model as well, although a black element instead of a hole is visible on the archival work progress screenshots.


• A working brakelight was added at the end of the work, together with windshield wipers and glass markings.


• Before the final corrections, the model did not have a texture for the dials, carpets and random screens on the display.


• All the way to the end of the work, the black panel in the cockpit was matte. After the final corrections darewnoo replaced it with a plastic-like material, which increased attractiveness of the interior.


• A real prototype probably did not have any display in the center console, since it is black on every picture. However, the press articles about the car were mentioning the car did in fact have a TV screen. Due to that, darewnoo added such display with random pics in it. Anyway, a place and the shape of the display is just an imagination.


• The screens on the centre console display are screenshots taken by darewnoo. They show a map of Stalowa Wola (hometown of darewnoo), a screenshot of the website, real DMS-1 pictures, a real screen of darewnoo’s e-mail and daewoo forum. The last one does not appear in the game though, due to the limit of 9 random parts in a vehicle, where the DMS-1 has 10.


• The carpets with it’s texture are from Nubira II Wagon US, where the ń inscription was removed.


• The original prototype from 1999 was orange. For game purposes, a set of multiple different colors were made, from a bright red, through metallic silver, to black. Darewnoo made a set of 15 colors (see pic), which does look good on this car. Most of them were made from scratch, based on the original paintworks in the game. Four of the colors though are only available in the “daewoo colors app” (available in the “extras” tab on the website), because they are not original GTA IV colors.


• The manufaturer never mentioned the drivetrain of this prototype (even in the press articles). Most probably, because the car is based on Matiz, the car was an FWD. Our model feature 4x4 drivetrain instead. This does not have that much of a meaning, since the real prototype probably could not be driven at all, and had no engine or suspension (those were only planned on paper).


• It is the first DMS-1 made for GTA, as well as the first 3D model of it publicly available.


• The final textures were later corrected by me (darewnoo).


• This model were never available on old (2012-2016).






> Daewoo DMS-1 Concept 1999 - archival work progress























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