Below you can find official interesting curiosities related to this model and version.

Below this tab there is another one - a complete work process on this model. This might be actual or archival (depending on information: "Model finished", "Work in progress..."). A table with description of work done was divided into more categories. Both curiosities and work progress are related to the first model from GTA IV.


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Work progress


> Daewoo d'Arts Sport Concept 1997 - curiosities

Model is ready. Translation in progress...


> Daewoo d'Arts City Concept 1997 - comparison with Daewoo Matiz SE 1998 model (from 2012)


Do you remember our old Matiz SE/Style model? That was our worst creation so far. The new d'Arts Sport is based on that model, but it's not only the rims and the numberplate that were changed. The model has been completely rebuilt! It's quality should be equal to Nexia, Mirae Concept and even Chairman.


The list of changes is really big:

- Completely remodelled body (while old Matiz had just over 40 000 polygons, the new d'Arts has over 175 000)

- The side ribs were remodelled (on the doors and below the windows)

- Black mudguards added

- A lots of bugs and holes were removed

- Corrected shape of the boot lid

- Fuelcap added

- Front and rear lighting was corrected

- Remodelled headlights and front indicators

- Remodelled bonnet

- A hole between the engine and the bumper was removed

- Light cuts added

- Windscreen wipers added

- Remodelled dashboard with glovebox and airbag

- Added interior handles, sunvisors and interior light

- Rear spoiler remodelled

- Tailights remodelled

- Added rear shelf and fixed rear seats

- Fixed position for opened doors

- Foglights are no longer turned on

- Dirtmap added


Those changes were made specially for the d'Arts City, Sport (shown here) and Style. On the screenshots below you can see the direct comparison between the old and the new model. Silver car is Matiz made in 2012, the red one is the d'Arts City made in 2017:




> Daewoo d'Arts Sport Concept 1997 - archival work progress















Model is ready.