Below you can find a full set of information about which author (Lazlow555 and darewnoo) takes care of what. Also all current official converters who make converts for GTA 3, GTA VC, GTA SA, GTA V, Racer, WR2, LFS, CCD and SLRR got listed here. Table has 10 parts and more tabs.

Last update: 29-06-2016

> Who is responsible for what...

Looking for required pictures of the car on the internet (approx. 200 on a base model and 10-20 for every subversion) darewnoo
Providing necessary blueprints (if available) and pictures for every model darewnoo

Preparing and providing necessary textures as well as editing them darewnoo
Providing information about lighting of the models (positions of headlight, brakelights, etc) darewnoo
Making of the licence plate texture darewnoo
Providing graphics of logos, stickers and badges darewnoo
Preparing requirements for every model darewnoo
Choosing the type and amount of random parts (antenna, foglights, things in the boot, etc.) darewnoo

Selecting the pattern of originals rims/alloys/hubcaps for every model darewnoo
Selection and preparation of original colours (in carcols.dat or as a separate texture) – since 2013 darewnoo
Selection of the engine type in every model – according to the original darewnoo
Selection of the interior colour and upholstery pattern – according to the original and market (PL, US, etc.) darewnoo
Selection of the licence plate darewnoo
Selection of the model version (SX, CDX, Sport, etc.) and production year (according to the original) for every model darewnoo
Selection of the final textures Lazlow555, darewnoo
Configuring the handling for every model (since 2013) darewnoo
Configuring the vehicle.dat for some of the models Lazlow555

Making the 3D shape of the model Lazlow555
Making of interior in 3D Lazlow555
Making of 3D engine and other details Lazlow555
Making of random parts in 3D Lazlow555
Making of the rims Lazlow555
Conversion for GTA IV Lazlow555

Testing of all beta versions in GTA IV darewnoo*, Lazlow555
Noting bugs and mistkaes found during testing of every model darewnoo
Coordinating the work progress of every models, finding mistakes in 3D shape of the model darewnoo
Keeping every model as close to the original as possible darewnoo
* Darewnoo is testing the models since December 2013. Earlier in 2013, the testing was done by Valkir,and in 2012 there were two testers – Valkir and matizstyle, In 2011, the testing was done by Zbooj and matizstyle. Lazlow555 (as the main author) was and still is testing all the models from the beginning, but his test are not that scrupulous and precise as the tests done by darewnoo.

Releasing the models with permission darewnoo
Advertising the model on the net (promotional screenshots, release information) darewnoo
Promotional screenshots since 2014 (in high resolution and good quality) darewnoo
Making of the folder with the model (model and textures, readme, screenshots, warnings) darewnoo
Writing and designing the readme darewnoo
Official upload to following websites:,, darewnoo
Making of and release of promotional video for every base model (since 2014) darewnoo
Answering the comments / mails, technical help darewnoo

Testing of every convert for any game (made with authors permission) darewnoo
Permission and release of every good conversion darewnoo
Advertising every (official) converted model for any game darewnoo
Official converter for GTA 3 - (no)
Official converter for GTA Vice City - (no)
Official converter for GTA San Andreas - (no)
Official converter for GTA V darewnoo
Official converter for Life For Speed - (no)
Official converter for Racer (Non-CG) Marko
Official converter for Racer (CG) - (no)
Official converter for World Racing 2 baartlomiej
Official converter for City Car Driving - (no)
Official converter for Street Legal Racing Redline Krzysiell, TheDrifterInCar

Ordering every model and selecting every next model to be made (model, body variant, version) darewnoo
Payment for every model darewnoo, sponsors

Publishing the news, writing the texts, preparing informational screenshots, graphical design darewnoo
Payment for server, taking care of the website work and design darewnoo

...different 3D model (of any make) for GTA IV Lazlow555
...conversion from GTA IV to another game darewnoo
...editing of 3D model or textures darewnoo
...errors and flaws on the website darewnoo

Mails for authors:

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You can find contact to every author by using “Contact” section.


• All descriptions in the table above apply only Daewoo and Daewoo-FSO models on this site made by Lazlow555 and darewnoo

• 3D models are made in 3dsMax and convert for GTA IV gets made in Zmodeler 2.2.4, final and additional texutres are made in Corel Photo-Paint 11

• All models are made from scratch. Authors put a lot of effort and work into them. Copyrights for this models belong to Lazlow555 and darewnoo - remember that!



Table by darewnoo