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> What's next?

The best years for our models and their countless conversions are long over. This whole "Virtual world of Daewoo" have started to go down already in 2016, untill the team of has finally ended their cooperation and work. What are the plans of authors responsible for creating the most of Daewoo models in the gaming world?

darewnoo - will be working on a new, big and detailed project, which will have a lot in common with Daewoo and virtuality, but will not be associated with GTA, WR2 or any other title. Despite making a decision to stop updating the website and slightly reducing it's content, he's still planning to occasionally release new issues of "mods.darewnoo" magazine. It is not yet sure if the suspended GTA V conversions, such as Mirae Concept or Tico v1.3 update will ever be finished. They were not removed, but the work on them was suddently stopped. It is all about whether darewnoo would ever like to return to GTA V or not.

Lazlow555 - he's still making 3d models on order, but he's definately stopped making any new Daewoo models.