Below you can find a full set of galleries of archival screens for this model, expanded by shots and sessions which were never published before. Screens on the new page are regulated by these rules:

• every gallery contains all screens that were made in specified time period (for example winter session),

• screens from these galleries are raw, unedited (except for cutting, contrast tweaks and adding a frame),

• all screens show only the final model version*,

• screens that showcase more than one model or version are located in "group screens",

• screens that were showing a damaged or destroyed car were fully skipped and there aren't in the gallery anymore*,

• screens that were smaller than 1280x960 were also skipped,

• screens that contained HUD or other game-related stuff were skipped or additionally edited.

* unless stated otherwise

Last update: 10-08-2018

> Daewoo Musiro Concept 2000 - gallery of archival screens

Desc. = Description

Date: 08-2018

Author: darewnoo

Effects / quality: VisualIV / high

Used map: original, white wall

Original colours: Yes

Desc.: Promotional screens