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Below this tab there is another one - a complete work process on this model. This might be actual or archival (depending on information: "Model finished", "Work in progress..."). A table with description of work done was divided into more categories. Thanks to that there is no more chaos like on old, violet Both curiosities and work progress are related to the first model from GTA IV.


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Work progress


> Daewoo Espero CD 1996 - curiosities

Things related to

• The curiosities and work progress of the model was published in January 2015.

Changes in content of the final folder compared to the previous models


Testers and authors of the screenshots

• The tester and the author of the screenshots was darewnoo.

Things that were planned, but not added

• The model was supposed to have a spare wheel in the boot as a random part,

• The model was supposed to have a fire extinguisher as a random part,

• The model was supposed to have a random sunroof. The picture on the right side shows information given to Lazlow555 during the work of the model.

• The model was initially supposed to have the same rims as Matiz Style.

• The model was supposed to have sunvisors.

Things never planned, but added


Random parts

• Model has several random parts.


• Model was co-financed by sponsors.

Mistakes and bugs in model

• Slightly perturbed shape of the rear of the car,

• Sticking out parts of the rear suspension.

Curiosities related to the working progress of the model

• Prace (z przerwami) nad tym modelem trwały od 6 do 8 listopada 2014, jednak publikacja nastąpiła 2 lutego 2014 roku. The work on this model took place from November 6 to November 8, 2014, and the model was released on February 2, 2014.

Information about number plates

EC on the white number plate is short of Espero CD. 74 is an accidental number. Digits on the black plates stands for: 74 – the same as in the white plates, 40 – 40th model ordered by It is our first model which had an another version of the number plate in its folder – with E

Base model

• This model was based on Espero 1.5 GLX.

Differences to other subversion of the simillar model


Original dimensions

• Model was based on original dimensions (4615 x 1388 x 1718 mm).

Parts and textures prepared by darewnoo

• PASSED sticker and stripes on the rear windshield

Other curiosities

• The inscriptions on the rear window were previously used in Lanos 3d PL ‘97.

• The mudflaps were added at the very end of the work on this model.

• The random boxes in the boot were previously used in Lublin 3.

• This version does not have a DOHC 16V sticker at the back, since such sticker was only used in Espero 1.5 GLX.

• The brochures in the boot are from Nubira I, with a different texture (see first pic), while the covers are scanned brochures from my collection.

• The silver part behind the heckblende was added in the final textures, before that it was dark red (see second pic).

• The random spoiler and muffler were added 8 days after the model was finished (on 16.11)

• The final textures were later corrected by me (darewnoo).

• It is our next model with fully working indicator lights on the dashboard.

• The tow hook was supposed to be removed, but due to a little mistake, it stayed on its place, which can be a good thing for someone. The picture on the right side shows information given to Lazlow555 during the work of the model (see third pic).

• This version did not appear in “Cobra 11 Crash Mix” film from 2014.

• The random spoiler was later used as a tuning part in Daewoo Leganza coversion for GTA V (see forth pic).

• It was our second model that was cut for the purposes of promotional video and photos (see fith pic).

• The curiosities for this model were never available on old (2012-2016).


> Daewoo Espero CD 1996 - archival work progress







What's new in this update?





aerial, random sticker of left window, sticker on the alloys, badge CD

texture of third stop light, muffler

sticker 16V DOHC, badge GLX






2.0 engine


1.5 engine


Model finished