Last update: 7.08.2023

Below you can find information about online updates for my archive. Updates are added every two years in autumn (next update will be ready in 2025). They applies to new photos, but also to website changes and rebuildings. Don't use the mouse wheel in this 'updates-box', if you need to read more, take the panel on the right side.

08.2023 - update #05

I added 1613 new photos.

I fixed missing custom fonts in Firefox browser.

I added "HQ now" icon in HQ section (for photos upscaled from LQ to HQ from new source).

I added separation of models for Chevrolet concept cars.

Minor edits.

Amount of all photos from update #05:

12235 + 1613

13 848

08-09.2021 - update #04 - the biggest update!

I added 5157 new photos!

I prepared 17 fullscreen photos for new menu.

I've rebuilt whole template and I designed new fullscreen 17 photo-slides.

I designed a new look for main photo/intro (silver Lanos).

I added fully support for mobile devices (smarftons, tablets, netbooks).

I separated photos for two types: HQ and LQ.

I've rebuilt all thumbnails (over 14000), in LQ they are bigger, in HQ they are new.

I edited all photos (colors, contrast, remove texts etc.) in archive and all thumbnails.

I added 1:1 scale preview for each HQ photo.

I designed a new look inside the sections (texts, fonts, main photo etc.).

I added "lazy loading" for all thumbnails (nearby photos are loading, not all at once).

I removed PL texts - archive is available in ENG only.

I removed all amatuer (brands) photos from online archive.

I "cleaned up" my private and online archives (eg. removed all duplicates).

I added fullscreen sections of "updates" and "rules" - with new texts.

I added separated parts of factories, designed and masked cars.

I separated Daewoo cars and Daewoo concepts.

I prepared more place for GM Daewoo, Chevrolet, SsangYong and FSO.

I changed division of colors in Daewoo section.

I added "check also" bottom panel.

I added rounded edges and new (bigger) size for LQ thumbnails.

Amount of all photos from update #04:

7078 + 5157

12 235

08.2019 - update #03 - 10-anniversary!

I added 1731 new photos.

I've rebuilt whole template (fullscreen - black Korando still was main picture).

I've rebuilt separated parts.

Amount of all photos from update #03:

6267 + 1731


09.2016 - update #02

I added 811 new photos.

I added main photo (black Korando).

I added 13 separated parts for photos.

Amount of all photos from update #02:

5456 + 811


06.2015 - update #01

I added 548 new photos.

I added info text and icons for big photos (2000px, 3000px etc).

Amount of all photos from update #01:

4908 + 548


07.2014 - update #00

I launched online archive, no menu and separated parts (based on standard template).

Amount of all photos from update #00:



I collected first Daewoo press photo (offline).


Last update: 27.09.2021

Below you can find information about rules and explanations for archive online.

Don't use the mouse wheel in this 'rules-box', if you need to read more, take the panel on the right side.

I. Low Quality photos

1. LQ photos mean that the longer side of the original picture in my private archive is less than 1600px (eg: 1020x620; 800x600; 520x350; 120x80; 580x170; 290x160 etc).

2. Photos can't be downloaded, they are for preview purposes only.

3. All new saved photos (from newest update) are highlighted by a yellow frame (except for changed higher quality photos), check: "updates" [16].

4. "Sizes in (brand/type) archive" represent an overview of all photos in that section, eg, "Chevrolet LQ: minimal is 400px, average is 1120px, maximum is 1590px." - this means that the smallest Chevrolet photo in my private archive is 400x235, the largest photo (below 1600px) is 1590px, while the average LQ value for Chevrolet is 1120px.

5. LQ photos in archive come from various sources, in different qualities. A lot of them has very good or at least satisfying quality. There are some exceptions: small photos, gifs, bad scans, cropped photos, frames from videos.

II. High Quality photos

1. HQ photos mean that the longer side of the original picture in my private archive is over 1600px (eg: 1680x1040; 2290x1510; 4330x2740; 1850x2810; 1600x1200 etc).

2. Photos can't be downloaded, they are for preview purposes only, however you can hover on any picture to see part of original 1:1 size of each photo. Full size photos are not included on the server.

3. The 1:1 preview is real. If you hover one photo and can see just very small part of car (eg. door handle or part of light) this means that the original photo is very large (eg. 3500-5000px), but if the preview shows almost the entire car, it means that the photo is not quite large (eg. 1600-2000px).

4. All new saved photos (from newest update) are highlighted by blue "NEW" icon, check: "updates" [16].

5. In HQ sections for all brands (Daewoo, GM Daewoo, Chevrolet, FSO and SsangYong) ONLY original press photos from the '90s are included (or newer, eg. for GM Daewoo or Chevrolet). There are no amateurs photos, from motorshows, factories and events - they are in LQ.

6. The Daewoo concepts HQ section includes only the official press photos of the concepts taken in the studio, outdoor or a solid/gradient background, as well as original sketches and computer renders in very good quality. There are no photos from the motorshows or the building process.

7. Some HQ photos may be of a slightly lower quality: less sharpness, faded colors (low contrast), spots and noise - this is natural and has not been corrected, they come from old paper photos, scans, 35mm slides etc. The digital photos are perfect quality.

III. Archive online

1. The online archive was fully improved in 2021, it displays correctly, also on mobile devices, while the minimum size for the correct display of the menu is 330px - below this value, elements will overlap and may be useless.

2. The archive menu looks best in 1920x1080 (PC) or 360x640 (mobile) resolution. The sections inside the menu display correct for any resolution.

3. For proper display, your browser must support custom fonts and enabled JavaScript.

4. The online archive contains all press photos from my collection, as well as all photos from motorshow, exhibitions, events, showrooms etc. There are no amateur photos (eg. from car auctions) and photos of police cars, rally cars, gadgets and logos - they are offline.

5. "Press photos" are taken by the producer, which show a serial made car or truck or concept car. These photos appear in brochures, leaflets, articles, ads, press kits, posters and official websites. Usually a car from press photos has the model name written on numberplate instead of a normal one.

6. No photos are duplicated, some may be similar but none are the same.

7. Low and High Quality photos aren't the same.

8. The entire collection of photos from the archive, design, photo-editing, preparation, writing texts is mine (darewnoo), nobody helped me, I didn't order project for this archive. Don't copy my template.

IV. Download

1. The collections from the archive are not available for download as it is a collection of over 10 years and I have put a lot of work into it - my money, skills and time.

2. It is possible to share several photos from my collection (except those marked private), after contacting me in advance. I'm not sending the entire archive!

3. HQ photos for Chevrolet or GM Daewoo are still very easy to find in the internet, while many press photos of Daewoo and FSO are unavailable and very rare - available ONLY in my archive. A lot of photos come from closed websites or magazines and press kits that are very rare and hard to find.

V. Copyrights

1. I am not the author of any of the photos contained in the archive. I just save them and find old and forgotten photos (mainly Daewoo press photos).

2. I do not derive material benefits from the photos posted.

3. Photographs that are known to copyright (stock photos websites like alamy or gettyimages) are included in my archive only in the form of thumbnails with the original watermark.

4. If you are the author of a photo and you don't want it to be available as an online thumbnail, you can report, it will be hidden (marked private).

5. I don't share photos marked as private. Thumbnails of such photos are shown only for preview purposes.

6. Some photos of the F-100, Shiraz and Mya concepts are private because I do not have permission to show them, even in the form of a preview.

Contact to me: darewnoo@interia.pl or more ways.


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